Commenting Rules and Guest Posting

As mentioned in our kickoff post, we here at POPP strongly encourage discussion both in matters of agreement and disagreement. In order to maintain fruitful discourse, we have established the following commenting rules. We hope to communicate these guidelines as clearly as possible so that there will be no question of biased moderation or unfair treatment of posters.

1. All comments must be on topic.

Comments that are only slightly off topic will be allowed to stay up, but the poster will be reminded to stay focused. If a comment is completely off topic it will be deleted along with any replies made by others.

2. All comments must be respectful.

Personal insults will not be tolerated. Posts containing personal insults (whether directed at the authors of this blog or others participating in the discussion) will be deleted immediately, followed by a warning.

3. All comments must be charitable.

All posters are expected to do their best to understand the arguments being made before commenting on them. If a post or comment is difficult to understand, ask for clarity before assuming anything. We cannot hope to grow in knowledge or understanding if we do not take the time to think through opposing viewpoints in a charitable manner.

Repeat offenders of above infractions will be banned from commenting.

In the future, we will most likely allow the opportunity for guest posts on this blog. If you have an idea that you think would fit the purpose of this blog, please email one of the authors.